Help & Info about MEmu for windows

  • What is MEmu?

    The software serves as a special Android emulator that particularly specialises in video games that are typically played using an Android device. The software makes it possible to enjoy a wide range of games and other apps that have been created exclusively for the Android platform directly on a PC and the software is very easy to install and use.
  • Is MEmu Free?

    The software is completely free to download and use. There are no limitations on the number of times that it can be used or the amount of games and other apps that it can be used to transfer Android apps onto a PC, notebook or other type of Windows device.
  • Is MEmu Compatible with Mac?

    The software has been created an intended to run between Android devices and various different versions of Windows. Although this software is not compatible with Mac, there is a number of similar options available for Mac users to take advantage of.
  • How Do I Set Up the MEmu Controls?

    There is no need to spend time setting up the software controls, as they have already been set up. This means that it is possible to start using the software straight away, although users have the option of reconfiguring or modifying the controls if they prefer.
  • Why is MEmu So Popular?

    Although there are many different Android emulators of this type available, this is quickly becoming one of the most popular options around. this is largely due to the fact that the software is exceptionally easy to use and offers users various different customisation options as well as enhanced levels of compatibility.
  • Is MEmu Safe?

    The software is not malware and is known for being very safe and secure. Although there are not commonly bugs in the system, users who believe they have detected a bug or virus should notify the creators of the software so that they can fix the problem immediately.
  • Is MEmu only Used for Playing Games?

    While the software is commonly used among gamers, it can also be used to reproduce the full range of Android apps on a PC or notebook. These include popular Android apps such as WhatsApp, which provides users with a larger keyboard to type their messages on.
  • How Can I Back up an APK File from MEmu?

    The software has been designed to make backing up APK files very easy. Users simply need to open the ES File Explorer and enable the root mode then open the app folder and copy the APK file. Paste the copied file into the download folder and it will appear in the shared folder.
  • Can I Play GLES3.0 Games in MEmu?

    A large number of popular games these days require GLES3.0 support in order to deliver enhanced graphic performance. The 3.6.7 version of the software integrates Android 5.1 as default so that GLES3.0 games are supported.
  • How Do I Share Files between Windows and Android using MEmu?

    This is especially easy and even intuitive. People who are using the software for the first time will see a tutorial that pops up automatically and they simply need to follow the steps outlined in the tutorial.


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